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Are you looking for an SEO Consultant?

If you used a search engine to find us, then we did our thing!

SEO Services

We do white-hat SEO (search engine optimization) only. It’s a lot of hard work and there are very few shortcuts. That’s why we can’t and don’t work cheaply. If you are looking for cheap SEO, we are not the consultants for you. (Google “black hat SEO”.)

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WordPress Experts

If you are looking for SEO services, we really don’t care what format your site is in. We can use any CMS or straight HTML, but we have a special place in our hearts for WordPress. Learn more about how our expert love of WP can help you and your organization.

WordPress Pros


If you need help with a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, or setting up a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, we can help. Pay-Per-Click should always be profitable, and if your PPC campaign is managed properly a profitable ROI can be attained.

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Social Media Pros

When it comes to social media, our pros can help you get more fans, more likes, more shares, and what you want most of all- more traffic! Do you know which social media outlet is most valuable for your particular business? We do! Let us guide you!

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About Our SEO Company:

  • We are an American company; with American employees, who spend money in America.
  • We absolutely guarantee our SEO work and consider our reputation to be of the utmost importance.
  • We are strictly a white-hat SEO company.
  • We believe in educating our clients about SEO. Everything that we do is transparent.

About Us

Our SEO Experts Wear White Hats

Guru Effect, Inc is a Phoenix, Arizona based SEO consulting company. You found us, so if you are looking for an SEO consultant, it looks like we passed step #1. We think you will find us refreshingly different from other SEO companies (in Arizona or otherwise). We don’t put words in bold all over our site and proclaim that to be “SEO”. We won’t do that kind of stuff to your site either. We want your site to be designed well; we want humans to read it (just as you are doing right now), and, finally, we want your nicely designed pages to be found on page one of Google. Organic, white-hat SEO takes time. It usually takes about twelve weeks to see significant improvement in your search engine rankings. If you want us to help improve your search engine ranking (or SERP), and you want us to guarantee our work, we need a minimum of twelve weeks.

Common Sense is Step One

Almost all of our clients need a complete SEO audit as step #1. Before we worry about “getting more backlinks” or creating stronger content, we need to make sure your site functions properly. We need to make sure you don’t have any duplicate content issues, dead links, or missing meta tags. We’d like your site to be responsive and available to all browsers and devices. We’ll check your site speed, because having a faster site will improve your rankings. Oftentimes, just fixing these “academic” issues will get a site to move to page one without any additional work. Are you one of those people who knows your site should be ranking better, but you just don’t know why? We can help!

We make beautiful, simple and easy to use

Fully Responsive, Retina Ready WP Themes

  responsive wordpress themes

We’ve been making responsive WordPress themes since 2012.

How can we help you?

We want to make sure we are the right SEO company for you and that you are the right client for us.

Are you being watched?

If you are competing for business on the World Wide Web- and especially if you are on page one of Google- rest assured, you are being watched. And if you’re not watching your competition, you are making a crucial mistake in your SEO strategy. If someone ranks better than you, then you need to understand why.

SEO Guru Site Audits, with Competition Spy™

We offer several affordable price points for various types of SEO audits. Depending on your needs, we can audit your site (and usually dramatically improve your site’s rankings) for as little as $499.

Learn About The Audit Process

If you are looking to establish your site on page 1 of Google, then you need to hire an SEO Expert who can get you there. That expert, in my opinion is Michael George. Michael helped me fix errors I did not know my site had; errors that were hurting my rankings. If you hire the wrong person you may not only waste money, but you could actually harm your rankings.

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