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We know what happened.

You typed “AZ SEO companies” into Google, hoping that you would find a list of SEO companies, in a neat little row, all down the front of page one. Perhaps you’d choose the first result, or perhaps you’d settle for number five.

But instead of finding the comprehensive list of the best SEO Arizona companies, Google just gave you a random list. Some of the companies may not even be in business anymore. One of them, I happen to know, is actually in India and using a bogus U.S. mail drop address.

Odd isn’t it? Not a single page that actually provides a list of Arizona SEO companies…except this page of course. (Just scroll to the bottom.)

And just why, exactly, are we providing this list?

Because we know that’s what searchers are searching for; that’s what you were searching for; and so we delivered. We created the supply to meet the demand. In this case, we met your demand. That’s why you’re here.

We help our clients in a similar fashion. First, we need to ascertain what it is people are searching for, with regard to your specific industry. Once we know what people are looking for, we can create the content to fill the demand. Without knowing the demand for knowledge (a.k.a. keywords), one is just creating content with the hope that people search for the article that was posted. In reality, it should be the other way around.

We are a boutique firm that specializes in white-hat SEO. This means that we don’t take any shortcuts. This also means that we are probably more expensive then companies who outsource their client’s optimization to workers in far off countries, often with dubious technique. This means that you will be able to speak to us on the telephone and that our work is 100% guaranteed. (Contact us for details.)

If you want to hire a company to get the job done right, you want to hire GuruEffect. Call us at 602.441.2901 or use our contact page here.

AZ SEO Companies: A Business Guide

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. We found all of these using Google. We have no relation to them and listing them here does not imply endorsement. You should investigate each company on your own.


  • This company is called Salterra SEO and one of the things they specialize in is SEO for churches. If you have a church, and you want to rank well in Google, maybe you should call these guys.


  • Markit Media is an all-around marketing company- it looks like they do web design, printing and SEO. Contact them here for a free consultation.


  • LuCorp Marketing is another small Arizona SEO company. They have a Phoenix telephone number, but there is no address listed on their contact page, so I’m not sure where they are located exactly. Nonetheless, it looks like they can help with email marketing and link building, among other things.


  • Equitable Internet Marketing is a Scottsdale, AZ SEO company. We’d like to tell you more, but the site doesn’t have a whole lot of content.


  • This business is simply called The Phoenix SEO Company. We like it. They get right to the point. In addition, it looks like they have a free download for some ranking software. Contact them here.


  • This AZ SEO company boasts clients all over the world. The name of the company, aptly enough, is SEO Services Phoenix. Check out their contact page here and give them a call!