Social Media

Social Media Experts: You Can Be One Too!

There are many people and companies on the internet who claim to be social media experts. Unfortunately, there are far more proclaimers than there are actual “experts.” So before you hire a self-proclaimed social media expert, let’s take a look at how you (yes, you!) can become a social media wiz yourself, in only three easy steps. If you believe the hype, you’ll have a...

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Google+ Vanity URLs Can Break Authorship: Proof

I make my living as an SEO consultant, and I’m going to call out Matt Cutts on the quality of his posts. I may find myself homeless in six months, but I’m still going to write this post. Because, in reality, I hope Matt has a sense of humor and he’ll realize that I don’t really think he’s a low quality author. Heh heh, right...

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Kind of gives new meaning to the term Googlebot, huh?

The Google+ Profile Badge: Helpful or Harmful?

Or: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges Fact: The Google+ profile badge will harm your authorship if used the way Google tells you to use it- which is incorrectly. If you’ve got your Google badge parked in the sidebar of your blog right now, you are likely harming the chances of your picture showing up in the search results, according to Google’s FAQ. Not according...

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