WordPress Designers with Ugly Sites

WordPress Designers with Ugly Sites

messyRight now, “the gurus” are suffering from a very embarrassing problem. This website, as a complete project, is only half-finished. On a micro level, there are even half-finished pages because each and every one of us has written content at some point, always in our “free time” (which means after a 12 hour day). And of course it takes an hour, sometimes three hours, to write a good SEO article; something worth publishing. When you’re exhausted at the end of a long day, your mind works even more slowly.Today, I am on hour #14, with two half-hour breaks; and after I write this quick blurb, just so Google knows that I’m still alive and kicking- I’m getting right back to client work. So with all good intentions, just as I am doing now, we sit down to write a page. Sometimes, we only get as far as the page title. Here is a post titled Google+ Experts and the page is blank. At least right now, 9:30pm EST, May 13th, 2013. I intend on fixing that very quickly.

For an internet marketing company it’s seems shameful, yes.

Maids Have Dirty Houses (or some such nonsense)

I don’t like broad stereotypes, and this one seems especially hard to grasp, but someone once told me that it was common for maids or house cleaners to have dirty homes. The same person told me that landscapers have ugly lawns if you were to visit their houses. (Which, apparently, this guy had done.) Again, these seem like odd stereotypes to me, but I know a lot of internet professionals who don’t have web sites. Or at least, don’t have decent websites.

We believe in the idea that one should make hay when the sun shines. The sun is shining right now and thus, we are making hay. While other SEO companies have suffered greatly with recent and ongoing algorithm changes, we hang on, because our techniques are sound. Admittedly, I’m not quite sure why we don’t get punished for having blank pages, but one of our blank pages is even indexed… Highly.

Very strange.

If for some reason, Google decides that Google doesn’t like our white-hat technique anymore, or our half-finished technique anymore, maybe we’ll have time to fill this site with valuable content and slick “call-to-action” buttons. But right now, we’ve got all the action we can take. If you want to hire us, unfortunately, as of taking a client just a couple of hours ago (12 hours into my 14 hour day), we are now 6 weeks out. For sure.

If you can wait six weeks, and you’d like to hire some web folks with an ugly website, let us know. If you want design, we can provide a portfolio on request. We do not link to our clients, ever. We don’t put a portfolio up, because most of our clients are SEO clients, and if you hire an SEO company- it’s nobody’s business.

More on that later.

I don’t really believe landscapers have ugly lawns. But I really do know lots of computer contractors and freelancers who have lousy websites. I even know one who recently changed his contact information and put in a bogus name and address because he was embarrassed. He would rather have no website than a half-finished one. By the same token, he wanted to leave it up. Silly programmer.

I’ll stick with half-finished for now and we’ll see if this post-of-public-humiliation will get things done faster? You here that Melanie? Jessica? Jeff? In addition to the 65 hours per week we already work, we really need to get blogging!

Thank you and goodnight.

Shoot. I mean back to work.