Google Local SEO Services

local seo services: Guru Effect, Phoenix AZIs Google “Local” Making You Loco?

If you need help getting your business listed in the Google local search, we can help. We have had the pleasure and not-so-pleasurable experience of working with Google Places, Maps, Google+ and everything that ties the whole mess together.

We know how frustrated you are, because we’ve been there. Our clients have been there. Chances are, if you are a local business owner, you aren’t doing well in Google local search and you can’t figure out why.

Let us heal your pain. We’ve already gone through it. There is no need for you to suffer anymore.

You may have experienced, or are currently experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Lost rankings– knocked out of the 7-pack!
  • Missing reviews
  • De-Indexed altogether!
  • Duplicate Locations, or “phantom locations”
  • Google+ Confusion
  • Former Practitioners, such as Realtors or Lawyers, who no longer work for the firm, but still have listings
  • And a host of others. We’ve seen it all.


Good News: We Can Help You With Local SEO Problems!