Free SEO Tip: Don’t Buy Cheap Hosting

Free SEO Tip: Don’t Buy Cheap Hosting

Slow Hosting Will Harm Your Rankings

godaddyWell, you can buy cheap hosting if you want to- but just don’t ask us to work on your website. We will not work on websites that have $4 hosting accounts. The problem with cheap hosting is that it takes us twice as long to do things. In some cases, it takes three times as long. Now I’m sure you understand that if we have a flat fee- for example, we charge $100 to move a WordPress site to a new domain or hosting company (or both)- it’s because we know the approximate time that it takes. If you have junk hosting, we may run into all kinds of problems and we often do.

Plus, if you think that buying “the cheapest” of anything is a good idea- you definitely can’t afford to hire an SEO company. (At least, not this SEO company.)

If you really want your site to do better in the search engines- here is some great SEO advice for free: Get fast, dependable hosting. Site speed influences SEO, according to Matt Cutts of Google. Just move your website to a faster hosting company and you’ll probably start ranking better.

If you own a small business and do everything locally, I would recommend the “Business” account from HostGator. At about $11 per month, it’s a bargain- click here. If you have a site that you want to do well nationally, then you need nothing less than a Virtual Private Server. is hosted on a VPS, of course. For anyone to expect to run a business with some free software (WordPress) and a $4 per month hosting account… How can I say this nicely? That person is dreaming.

Sitting on Hold, Wasting Time

I am writing this post while I sit on hold with BlueHost. I have a client who would like her site backed up and moved, and everything keeps timing out. How could the hosting be this bad? So I visited BlueHost and found out that their regular hosting account is $4 per month, and that’s what my client has.

I called once this morning and was on hold for thirty minutes until the system hung up on me. (Don’t you love that?) I’m on hold again now- this is my second go at it- and I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes so far. Let’s see if I can type an entire blog post while I sit on hold.

This is my second bad experience with BlueHost and it will also be my last.

If you want your site to rank better; shell out a few extra bucks per month and try some decent hosting. I promise, it will help.

On the other hand, if you write a blog about canning, and you get 50 or 60 visits per month- your $4 hosting is probably just fine. But if you own a professional business, and you are paying for “amateur” type hosting, you are making a big mistake.