September 2015
Michael George
Posted at: 21 Sep 2015
Best SEO Company in Phoenix

Did you search for the “best SEO company in Phoenix” to find this post? I originally wrote this post in 2013, but I am updating it because Google’s algorithm is getting better at understanding what the best means, when people search for it.. For example, if you search for the best Restaurant in Phoenix, Google responds by listing the restaurant with the most 5 star

August 2015
Michael George
Posted at: 19 Aug 2015

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the way that lawyers market themselves around Phoenix. There are a few top players in the search engine game, but most of the attorneys in Phoenix are way behind on doing what it takes to rank well in the search engines. Here are some mistakes I think law firms make when marketing online: 1. Using FindLaw for

August 2014
Michael George
Posted at: 07 Aug 2014
Protect Your WP Site From Hackers in 4 Steps

I generally write about typical SEO topics, but protecting your website from hackers is definitely the job of an SEO. If you hire someone to do “SEO work” and they leave your site totally exposed, then that’s the first clue you hired a half-ass SEO company or website designer. If your WordPress site is hacked, typically, you won’t even know it. The hackers will install

March 2014
Michael George
Posted at: 28 Mar 2014
Free SEO Tip: Don’t Buy Cheap Hosting

Slow Hosting Will Harm Your Rankings Well, you can buy cheap hosting if you want to- but just don’t ask us to work on your website. We will not work on websites that have $4 hosting accounts. The problem with cheap hosting is that it takes us twice as long to do things. In some cases, it takes three times as long. Now I’m sure

Michael George
Posted at: 22 Mar 2014
Real Estate SEO Packages

We Are Really Sorry… But… We’ve had to stop taking any new clients at this time. However, if you would like to give us your name and email below, we will contact you when we begin taking new clients again. We are also putting out a newsletter with “tips and advice”, so if you would like to receive that – make sure both boxes are

February 2014
Michael George
Posted at: 13 Feb 2014

There are many people and companies on the internet who claim to be social media experts. Unfortunately, there are far more proclaimers than there are actual “experts.” So before you hire a self-proclaimed social media expert, let’s take a look at how you (yes, you!) can become a social media wiz yourself, in only three easy steps. If you believe the hype, you’ll have a

Michael George
Posted at: 02 Feb 2014

I make my living as an SEO consultant, and I’m going to call out Matt Cutts on the quality of his posts. I may find myself homeless in six months, but I’m still going to write this post. Because, in reality, I hope Matt has a sense of humor and he’ll realize that I don’t really think he’s a low quality author. Heh heh, right

January 2014
Michael George
Posted at: 22 Jan 2014
Kind of gives new meaning to the term Googlebot, huh?

Or: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges Fact: The Google+ profile badge will harm your authorship if used the way Google tells you to use it- which is incorrectly. If you’ve got your Google badge parked in the sidebar of your blog right now, you are likely harming the chances of your picture showing up in the search results, according to Google’s FAQ. Not according

Michael George
Posted at: 10 Jan 2014

I’m not a big fan of Google, the company. For those of us that make a living online, Google is something that we are forced to deal with, like it or not. I’m not a fan of coerced relationships of any kind. And if Google decides you are “low quality”- guilty or innocent, it doesn’t really matter. They will harm you. Missing reviews? Not a

January 2014

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