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A lot of the time, when you are looking to hire an American SEO company (in the U.S.A.), what you are actually doing is hiring “consultants” (for lack of a better word) from foreign countries. Many companies make the mistake of hiring foreign SEO companies without even knowing it.

Don’t believe me? Take a look on or even There are more jobs for SEO salespeople than there are for actual SEO consultants. Seriously. Here is a search in Phoenix Craigslist for the word “SEO”.

Think about that. How could a company have more people selling SEO than actually doing the work?

There is an SEO company very close to our office, here in Central Phoenix. Only, oddly enough, there are no SEO technicians or consultants that work there. There are only two types of employees: telemarketers and telemarketing managers. It’s a hard sell too. Turnover is high in their call center. Just go to and you’ll see them advertising each and every week. (In fact, you will find way more jobs for SEO sales then you will for SEO consultants- about 10-to-1.)

And the people doing the work? They may be in India, or Turkey, or Russia.

Why You Should Hire an American SEO Company

Of course, I write this with the understanding that my reader and potential client is in the U.S.A. themselves. (I wouldn’t be so bold to say that we are the best SEO company in France, but we might be.)

1. English is the first language of everyone that works here. We understand that languages can be learned, but there are many things that are lost in translation when outsourcing computer work. There are many SEO companies that hire “content writers”, from foreign countries, very inexpensively. They may pay as little as $10 per article, and then charge you $100 for it. To a professional copywriter, these foreign-born articles are very easy to spot. The sentence structure is just a wee-bit off-kilter and they use words in ways that natural-born Americans never would. (“Thank you good sir, if you would be so very kind as to give us your appreciation in the form of a written testimonial, that would be very good!”)

If you hire us to write copy, it will be written by a natural-born citizen with a degree from an American university. It’s just that simple. If you are marketing to Americans, you want Americans to write your copy.

2. We can’t just pack up, change domains, and start fresh if we screw up. (Which is why we don’t screw up.) The internet is no longer an anonymous place and if you want to be anonymous, you won’t ever be successful with internet marketing. Our names and reputations are of the utmost importance.

3. You’re helping our the U.S. economy. Although most business owners we know like the idea of helping other small business owners- some people still hire computer workers through sites like and The bottom line is: If you really care about the economy, don’t just complain about whatever politician you hate at the moment- do something about it. Hire an American SEO company.

4. You won’t have trouble understanding us on the telephone. Sure, it’s fun calling customer support and speaking to somebody who doesn’t quite understand you, while you struggle to understand what they are saying. It’s nice to hear the sounds of a busy Indian call center in the background, causing you to speak louder and louder with each sentence… And while we agree that can be fun, we still think you’ll like calling us better. If we decide to take you as a client, you will be able to speak with us about your concerns any time you wish.

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