Best SEO Company In The World

Are we the “best SEO company in the world”? I’d like to think so, but since there are no real standards to judge SEO companies, there is no way to actually say who the best SEO company is. Some people would say, “the best SEO company is the one that ranks highest in Google.”

Perhaps, but we would argue that the best SEO company is the company who has clients ranking highly in Google. It’s the clients that matter. And many SEO companies (the smart ones anyway) don’t publish a list of clients. In fact, it is our policy not to provide a client list to anyone, ever.

If you hire us, nobody needs to know. We won’t put a link on the bottom of your page that says SEO By GuruEffect. We think SEO people that do that are pathetic. We don’t need link-backs from our client’s websites. The SEO company is supposed to help you earn links to your site, not steal a link from the bottom of your page!

So How Much Does The Best SEO In The World Cost?

I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you what we charge…and we’re pretty good. First, we don’t do very small projects; with the only exception being our $399 site audit and our monthly social media marketing packages.

[notice type=”warning” title=”$2000 Minimum” tag=”h4″]To work with us, you must have a budget that starts at $2000. We are sorry, but we can’t make any exceptions on this. This work can be spread over several months for smaller sites.[/notice]

If you are working with a smaller budget, we’ll still try and point you in the right direction. We do know some independent SEO people who may take smaller jobs. Just send us an email and we’ll try and put you in touch with somebody that we know and trust. (Although, of course, we make no guarantees for other SEO professionals.)

Why So Much?

Let us be clear: it may be much more than $2000. Are you starting from scratch? Have you been penalized by Penguin? Do you have a 400 page blog or a 20,000 page blog?

Here is a list of what we may do within the $2000 price range. This does not mean that we will do all of these things for all clients, but each client is different and usually needs most, if not all of the following services. If you are interested in hiring the best, please contact us here and we will contact you to set up a telephone appointment to assess your needs.

[lists style=”1″ title=”Top SEO Services” tag=”h2″] [lists_item]Site Audit: finds all errors on current website and offers suggestions and improvements[/lists_item] [lists_item]Competition Analysis[/lists_item] [lists_item]Setting up and Optimizing Social Media Websites[/lists_item] [lists_item]Maintaining Social Media Marketing[/lists_item] [lists_item]Google Maps and Local SEO[/lists_item] [lists_item]Local Citation Management[/lists_item] [lists_item]Google+ Authorship[/lists_item] [lists_item]Reputation Management[/lists_item] [lists_item]Keyword Research[/lists_item] [lists_item]On-Site Optimization[/lists_item] [lists_item]Article Research and Creation[/lists_item] [lists_item]Re-Marketing[/lists_item] [lists_item]Email Campaigns[/lists_item] [lists_item]Off Site Optimization (earning links not “link building”)[/lists_item] [lists_item]Video Creation and YouTube Marketing[/lists_item] [lists_item]And so much more…[/lists_item] [/lists]

Every website is different. Beware websites that offer generic SEO packages to anyone that fills out a form. Chances are, you aren’t going to get anything at all- they might even harm you.