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You probably landed here because you searched for “real estate SEO” in Google, or something similar.

This simple fact (that you are here right now) would be your best indicator that we are genuinely capable of helping your own website achieve better rankings.

We offer several SEO packages for agents and Realtors®, including a one-time audit and tune-up, and various levels of monthly service packages.

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 What is SEO Anyway?

If you ask ten different real estate SEO companies or experts what SEO means to them, you’ll likely get ten different answers. Our approach for REALTORS® could best be described as common sense.

  • First, our consultants make sure that your site is academically correct. That means instead of using a lot of SEO “tricks”, we first check every single page of your website and make sure that your page titles and meta descriptions are intact. We’ll test your site for speed, and if it’s too slow for Google, we’ll make it faster.

  • Is your site responsive? Is it available in all browsers, including mobile? From a recent study by Pew Internet Research, we know that roughly 63% of mobile device owners use their device to go online. We know, from our own statistics, that about 18% of traffic is typical- but for real estate agents, the numbers fall between 18% – 25%!

  • Let’s take a look at that IDX. Is your IDX a “framed” solution, or are your MLS pages indexed? If you are using iframes (the listings do not have their own unique pages), you are missing a big opportunity. Let our SEO experts help you find an IDX system that works for you and that will get you more traffic! And if you are already using a good IDX system, we’ll make sure it’s set up correctly.

  • How is your local presence? After all, real estate is a local business- getting good placement in the Google “7-pack” should be of high importance to you. We can help you rank better in Google Maps, we guarantee it.

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This page was originally created for one purpose: to attempt to demonstrate that there is no SEO power drain because I have a silly widget installed. However, in case you’re visiting from my other blog, I will expand on the idea of SEO for real estate agents and the concept of widget-drain. (Look mom, I just coined a phrase!)

I am targeting the phrase “real estate SEO expert” with this post– and I am going to try and do it (*Gasp!*) without draining my “Google juice.”

So silly!

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Zillow widget in the sidebar will destroy this page’s power. Because that makes sense, right?


It doesn’t.

Basic Concepts of SEO for Real Estate Agents

First and foremost, if you want your real estate website to rank highly in Google, it should be useful. It should be pleasing to the eye. It should be easy to navigate. If you want to add any free widgets from any major real estate website and you think that the widgets will add value to your site– you should add them.

Ultimately, although you’re technically providing the widget creator with a link, that isn’t going to destroy your online presence or knock you from page one. It is also not going to help your competition to beat you. With life…and SEO…it’s always easier to blame somebody else for your woes. And if you hire a consultant who doesn’t know their stuff, it’s even easier for him or her to place blame.

In reality, it’s best to keep your eye on the prize and focus on your own task at hand: getting ranked on page one of Google, regardless of who shares that space with you.

When we take a realtor as an SEO client, getting natural in-bound links is a top priority for us, as it should be for any SEO company or consultant.

By the same token, we pay little attention to outbound links on client sites, with only one exception:

world wide web Remember: It’s supposed to be the World Wide Web.

The only type of outbound links that we have a rock-solid position on is “reciprocal links.” If you are a Realtor who trades links with other Realtors, that’s one of the first things that we’ll address. (Stop it!) On the other hand, if you link to other real estate-related websites, all in the name of creating good content, we think that’s just fine. In fact, we consider good outbound linking an important SEO strategy. That strategy being: Create a useful, relevant page and provide links to other useful, relevant pages- and that makes your pages more useful and relevant.

Some so-called SEO experts may tell you to get rid of all outbound links so as not to drain your “Google juice,” but we think that’s hogwash.

That wouldn’t be much of a world wide web now would it? You’re not really part of the information superhighway if your website is on a little island with no outbound links.

How does Google know you are credible? How can your real estate content be of high quality if you don’t link to any sources or cite any references? For goodness sakes, Google knows about Zillow.

Honestly, they do.

Or, the experts might tell you to make all of your links “no follow”- another silly premise.

Matt Cutts says that if someone pays for a link, then it should be a “no follow” link.

So if you follow the advice of 95% of the SEO “gurus” out there, they’re basically telling you to fill your website with- what looks like- paid advertising to the Googlebot.

Pure genius!

Common Sense SEO

or: “You Are Not An Island”

We proudly take a common sense approach to SEO for real estate agents. To us, if a RE widget provides a value to your website, you should keep it. If people like your website, partly because you have some really cool functionality (maybe even due to a 3rd party plugin), then you should clearly keep that plugin. I’m not going to address the fact that the Zillow widget may lead people to click away from your site; that’s not what this article is about.

That’s another issue altogether and it’s not an SEO issue. Right now, we’re just discussing “the juice.”

So let’s see how this page ranks. I’ve got some stiff competition. Dave Keys is the reigning champion of SEO for agents. In fact, if you’re reading this post, it is highly unlikely that you arrived here without seeing Dave’s name. If you do any kind of search for search engine optimization and real estate, you are going to find Dave.

With that said, he has a lot of competition. There are so many agents and so few search engine pros who actually know what they’re doing. I’m just going to try to land on page one and maybe share a little space with Dave. I think it’ll happen. In fact, if I didn’t know Dave and he wasn’t part of my Google circles– I would even link to him from this article. The reason I’m not linking to him is because I don’t want to harm him with a link. It would be hard to comprehend that I would link to another SEO guy; it would look suspicious, so I’m not going to do it.

I think this post will rank well, even with that Zillow widget over there on the right and eight outbound links on this page. All links on this page are do-follow.

Widget drain is a myth and only an amateur would think the Google algorithm is so unsophisticated.

If you’re doing poorly with SEO, stop blaming the instrument and take a look at the musician. How can YOU make YOUR content better? And if you can’t figure it out, you might want to hire us.

Are you looking for an IDX website for Real Estate agents? Check back soon for more information on that, or contact us if you need a site built.

No so-called “real estate SEO expert” will give you advice without addressing your IDX. If you want to compete with Zillow and Trulia (and you really can), then you need to have a properly functioning IDX.

Unfortunately, many Realtors don’t consider the MLS or IDX portion of their website to be relevant to SEO. Some will say it’s duplicate content. Some will say they don’t want to be buyer’s agents. None of that matters.

When it comes to SEO- for Realtors or anyone- your content is the most important item to rank better and, ultimately, earn more money. However, if your IDX is set-up like a cookie-cutter website, or you didn’t hire a real estate SEO company, specifically, it is highly unlikely that the IDX is doing you any good at all. On the right side of this page, we offer an SEO audit for real estate websites. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you with a quote for our services. We can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to real estate SEO, because every Realtor in every area is different. Do you live in a small community or a big city? We will customize a package designed specifically for your business. If you want to rank higher, and we take you as a client, our work is absolutely guaranteed.

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