Social Media Marketing

We offer several social media packages, everything from a simple tune-up; where our social media marketing experts will help you get the most out of your Google+, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Instagram? No problem. Do you need help with Reddit? Or No matter the site, if it has SEO value, then we can help.

[price_table columns=”3″] [price_column title=”Social Media Tune-Up” tag=”h3″] [price_row][price_tag value=”$125″ details=”Per Account” color=”blue”][/price_row] [price_row]The minimum order for the social media tune-up is $375. That is, we will optimize, enhance and generally improve at least three social media accounts.[/price_row] [price_row]If they are not yet set-up, we will set-up at least three social media profiles that you do not currently have, but would like.[/price_row] [price_row]

Number of Sites

[/price_row] [/price_column] [price_column title=”Ongoing Social Marketing” tag=”h3″] [price_row][price_tag value=”$400″ details=”Value Plan” color=”orange”][/price_row] [price_row]We will help you to maintain all of your social media accounts each month. We will help you post engaging content and attract new fans and followers.[/price_row] [price_row]The quoted price includes Google+, FaceBook, and either Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like a custom package, or more details, just contact us.[/price_row] [price_row]

Social Media Maintenance
You can be billed up to UTF-8 $400.00 USD
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[/price_row] [/price_column] [price_column title=”Social Media Powerhouse” tag=”h3″] [price_row][price_tag value=”$1000+” details=”Deluxe Plan” color=”blue”][/price_row] [price_row][/price_row] [price_row]This is a custom priced package. Depending on how many websites and corresponding social media sites you have, we will create a custom package for you.[/price_row] [price_row][price_button text=”Contact Us” url=”” color=”green”][/price_row] [/price_column] [/price_table]