Facebook Marketing

We really love marketing with Facebook, and there are so many reasons why. Of course, it doesn’t work for every business, but chances are- if you have an online presence- you could benefit from a Facebook marketing campaign.

It Used To Be Called Goodwill: Get More Facebook Likes

SEO consultants will often refer to “social signals” when it comes to optimizing your website. As search engine optimization evolves, we are finding that social interaction- that is, the way your website interacts with the web user- is of much greater importance. The Google Webmaster Guidelines emphasize that “user experience” affect search engine rankings.

What better way to demonstrate a good user experience than have the user share your site with all of their closest friends on Facebook?

Get More Facebook Likes Now

Facebook Strategy

Many marketers have given up on Facebook. Gone are the days of landing pages where visitors were forced to “like” your page before actually getting to view your page. This was once a very easy way to get more Facebook likes. However, when it comes to SEO, if it’s very easy to get, then it is the belief of GuruEffect, Inc. that it just won’t help you as much.

We love the Facebook changes, because if getting likes is harder to do- we believe likes are more heavily weighted by the search engines.

Getting more likes for your business is something that we do. We do it honestly and we do it creatively.

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Facebook PPC: Set It and Forget It

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, we love the concept of Facebook ads. There are many advantages to advertising on Facebook, but in case you are unfamiliar with Facebook as a marketing platform, let us touch on the key factors:

  • The ability to target-market to your demographic is tremendous.
  • Cost per click is very inexpensive compared to Google.
  • Google prices clicks on search phrases, Facebook bases it on demographics. A click, from Google, for “Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney” costs around $40 (at the time of this writing). But an ad targeting people who ride motorcycles, and who live in Phoenix, is only about eighty-five cents. We think that’s a no-brainer.