WordPress Services

GuruEffect.com is currently working on a “WordPress help desk,” so to speak. It will basically be a pay-per-minute service, where one of our WordPress experts will walk you through whatever problems you may be experiencing with your WordPress installation. We are still tossing around the idea of a price range and a guarantee, etc.

However, if you would rather have someone walk you through the problem- rather than being forced to rely on a developer- we think we have the answer. It should save do-it-yourself types a lot of money. Many times, a problem that causes your whole site to go down could be something that only takes a few minutes to fix. If you call a developer, he is likely going to charge a minimum.

There is no Official WordPress Help Desk

WordPress is fantastic software. Many websites- many very large websites- use the WordPress platform. On top of being our favorite content management system (CMS), WordPress is even free. You can download it right here.

But of course, since the software is free, there is no actual WordPress help desk. I mean, not an official one anyway.

In the meanwhile, while we are getting this set up, feel free to contact us using the form below.